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Skills Group Selection

Your Group theme

For 2024 we are doing things a bit differently in that you select a skills interest and we will tailor the learning experience to the group and the weather.

  • Intro kayak control - Themes in this group can include - 

    • Kayak safety

    • Becoming more efficient

    • Increasing turning control

    • Preventing capsize

    • Introductory Rescues

  • Intro Exploring, Navigation and Planning - Themes can include -

    • Kayak Safety

    • Planning a trip

    • Compass use

    • Chart Work

    • Navigation by ded-reckoning

    • Tidal information and prediction

    • Practical application of navigation in kayaks

  • Intro Journey - Themes can include -

    • No pressure guided journey with the tide​

    • Chance to see wildlife

  • Intermediate Tidal Currents - Themes in this group can include - 

    • Kayak Safety

    • Practical application of tidal theory​

    • Intro to Tidal Crossings

    • Intro to currents and eddys

    • Planning trips using tides

  • Intermediate Coastal Play - Themes in this group can include - 

    • Kayak Safety

    • Intro to rock hopping​

    • Intro to surfing

    • Intro to rock gardening

    • Attaining with eddy currents

    • Intermediate rescues

    • Intermediate scenarios

  • Intermediate Exploration - Themes in this group can include - 

    • Kayak Safety

    • Thoughtful planning

    • Navigation equipment 

    • Intro to Tidal Crossings​ (Ranges, Ferrying, aiming off)

    • On water navigation techniques

    • Navigation in low visibility

    • Working with marine wildlife in Canada

  • Advanced Lumpy Water Play - Themes in this group can include - 

    • Kayak Safety

    • Tidal Race Play​

    • Tidal Current Play

    • Rock Hopping

    • Rock Gardening

    • Team Dynamics

    • Rescue Scenarios

  • Advanced Risk Management - Themes in this group can include - 

    • Kayak Safety

    • Advanced Kayak Rescues (Current, Rocks, Dynamic Water)

    • Communications

    • Advanced Scenarios

    • Understanding and activating the rescue system

  • Advanced Exploration and leadership - Themes in this group can include -

    • Working with peers and instructors to hone your existing Navigation skills.​

    • Putting your existing navigation equipment to the test in a real world setting with lots of islands and wildlife to explore.

    • Putting your Navigation skills to the test to find wildlife and secret coves and beaches.

    • Each participant (if willing) can have a go at leading the group (within constraints). 

    • Practical application of marine weather and tidal forecasts

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