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The first bi-annual West Isles Sea Kayak Symposium was a success. The symposium was held on Deer Island with headquarters at the 45th Parallel Hotel and Restaurant. The symposium ran from Sept. 9th to the 11th around the Island. The plan moving forward is to alternate locations from Deer Island, Campobello and Grand Manan in the years opposite the BOFSKS. 2018 will be on Campobello Island and we are already in discussions with the international park, Homeland security and the local restaurants and motels.


We can't take on this project alone so we are asking for help from the paddling community to fill the following Volunteer positions:


WISKS Executive Director - Jeremy Cline

Reports to:

  • CKNB Executive



  • Organization of the Symposium

  • Providing team members with necessary resources to carry out the symposium

  • Single Point of Contact with CKNB Executive for Funding (CKNB Treasurer), Coaching and Technical requirements (CKNB Technical Director), Alignment with long and short Term Strategic goals (CKNB Strategic Planning Director), Communications channels requirements (CKNB Communications Director) and overall direction (CKNB EXEC).

  • Works with WISKS Communications director to create WISKS Multimedia and Promotional Resources.

  • Works with WISKS Coaching Director to organize appropriate coaches and sessions for perceived need.


WISKS Funding Director - Beth McCann

Reports to:

  • WISKS Executive Director



  • Canvasing Local, Provincial and Federal governments for Funding based on tourism draw, boosting the local economy, boosting lacation awareness, paddling awareness and promoting physical activity.

  • Canvasing local businesses for financial support.

  • Working directly with Promotions Director to canvas local business for Mutual Advertising or Advertizing on our Multimedia for funding.

  • Work directly with Logistics, Coaching, Sessions and Communications to determine a Symposium Budget.

  • Work with Executive Director to ensure Alignment with CKNB's budget.More responsibilities may arise based on needs.


WISKS Secretary/Registrar - Vacant

Reports to:

  • WISKS Executive Director



  • Transcribes and records all meeting minutes.

  • Collects and organizes participant registration info.

  • Provides minutes to the communications director for posting on website .

  • Maintains group schedule by maintaining calendars for personnel; arranging meetings, conferences, teleconferences, and travel for Symposium directors.

  • Secures information by completing database backups.

  • Prepares agenda for Symposium Meetings.

  • More responsibilities may arise based on needs.

WISKS Communications Director - Matt Chase

Reports to:

  • WISKS Executive Director



  • Single point of contact for official external communications.

  • Work directly with Executive Director on creating web content and registration metrics on web page.

  • Responsible for external promotions and multimedia through the Multimedia and Promotional Chairpersons. Promotions are to be social media, TV, Radio and print throughout the region and elsewhere.

  • Assists the Executive Director with website and facebook management.

  • Recommend budgets for, and provide oversight of, maintenance of the WISKS portion of the web-page and any web-page development projects with input by the WISKS Executive Director or the CKNB Exec.

  • Prepare or supervises the production of news-bulletins, and web page content when/as determined by WISKS Executive Director and/or CKNB Executive for the WISKS.

  • More responsibilities may arise based on needs.

  • May require attending Multimedia/Promotional Committee meetings. 


Multimedia Committee Chairperson - Jane Smith

Reports to:

  • WISKS Communications Director



  • Responsible for, in partnership with the Promotional Committee Chair, collecting and editing all Photos and video before, during and after the symposium. This may include but not be limited to Aerial footage, interviews, location footage, session footage and more.

  • Equipment required: Drone, HD Video and DSLR capabilities.

  • On water transportation can be made available through the Executive Director.

  • Will work with the session and coaching directors to gather footage and interviews.

  • Will collaborate with the promotional Committee chair for promotional multimedia.

  • More responsibilities may arise based on needs.

  • May require attending Multimedia/Promotional Committee meetings. 






Drone Operator - Anthony Woodland

Reports to:

  • Aerial Coordinator



  • Capturing Aerial footage of various Campobello sites (Lubec Narrows Bridge, Head Harbour Lighthouse, Mill Cove, Herring Cove Beach etc).

  • Capturing video of kayaking trips in the area where time and access for operator exists.

  • Capturing aerial footage of WISKS clinics in 2018.




Promotional Committee Chairperson - Jeff Thomas Scott

Reports to:

  • WISKS Communications Director



  • Responsible for WISKS promotions.

  • Work directly with the Multimedia Chair to create promotional ads on social media, TV, Radio and print.

  • Works directly with Multimedia Committee chair to capture images and video of sessions and area.

  • Based on Funding, design promotional for sale merchandise to sell at symposium.

  • Create or source audio for promotional items if required.

  • May require attending Multimedia/Promotional Committee meetings. 

  • More responsibilities may arise based on needs.








Sessions Committee Chairperson - Ryan Munro

Reports to:

  • WISKS Coaching Director



  • Selecting session locations based on perceived need from Coaching Director.

  • Create the Sessions and Talks schedule in conjunction with the Executive Director and Coaching Director.

  • Taylor the sessions around the coaches requirements and the range of participant skill levels. 

  • Work with WISKS Communications director and Executive Director to build session descriptions on multimedia outlets.

  • Monitor conditions previous to sessions in conjunction with coaches to determine risk levels and appropriate cancellation requirements. 

  • Make adjustments to sessions as required.

  • More responsibilities may arise based on needs.



Logistics and Coaching Director - Rob Lemmon

Reports to:

  • WISKS Executive Director



  • Single point of contact with suppliers, motels, Caterers, transport and venue staff.

  • Provide boat and equipment logistical plans (ensure boats and gear get to sessions in a timely and organized fashion).

  • Organize transportation of coaches to WISKS location .

  • Organize meals and lodging for coaches.

  • Organize meal and lodging options for participants based on WISKS Managment (directors) direction.

  • Organize Transportation of Coaches and participants to Session locations.

  • Work with local merchants and hospitality companies to secure WISKS discounts (Ferries, hotels, restaurants etc).

  • Procure required presentation equipment, set up and tear down of presentation equipment.

  • More responsibilities may arise based on needs.

  • Determine (through online polls and queries) the perceived need of the paddling community for coaching sessions.

  • Work directly with the Sessions Chair to determine best locations around the Island to perform these sessions.

  • Contact coaches and determine cost and availability of desired coaches.

  • Communicate funding requirements to CKNB Treasurer to build a WISKS Budget.

  • More responsibilities may arise based on needs.




Interested parties are invited to contact Jeremy Cline with a resume of previous work and experience.


Jeremy Cline


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