Jordan Fournier


Jordan is based in Fredericton NB. He discovered his passion for canoeing in his youth on the Tobique River. Most of his time in a canoe is spent on rivers either hitting up some white water or canoe camping with friends and family. His current Paddling certifications include Moving Water Tandem Instructor and Intermediate Poling. His paddling goals for the future are to improve his skills in all paddling disciplines. 

Michelle Evans


In another life, Michelle wishes she was a sea creature and could hang out in and on the water all the time. In a canoe, kayak, paddleboard or hollowed out log, she would paddle every day if she could. She is passionate about getting newbies hooked into paddle sports especially the not so typical paddling type folk.

Grant Virgin


I'm a Forester based out of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. My passion for the outdoors was sparked when I was just a little kid and my father introduced me to his old aluminum canoe on family camping trips throughout central Ontario. There was something about the first weightless moment away from the shore that I couldn’t get enough of even back then. My love for paddling deepened when I moved to the east coast where I truly learned to paddle in this land of rocky rivers and lakes.  

Bert Landry


Bert is based in Dieppe, New Brunswick. He has a professional background in Electrical Engineering. He became hooked to moving water canoeing 8 years ago, when he joined the NB Southeast River Runners canoe club, where he’s been an active member ever since.  He always loved the outdoors, starting in earlier days as a scout, then later as a scout leader.  Canoeing, canoe-camping and sea kayaking are now part of his favorite outdoors activities. Being on the water provides a means of connecting with nature in an unparalleled way. He plans on taking certified instructor courses, to share his passion with this awesome sport.

Peter Foss


Peter, a native of Saint John West, has a professional background in Civil Engineering and Medical Equipment Technology. 


An avid canoeist since the late 70s, he still enjoys learning when opportunities come his way.


Peter has been a member of Scouting in Canada for nearly 50 years and is a current member of Scouts Canada.


Through Scouting, he has developed advanced outdoor skills which he continues to share with youth and adults as an Outdoor Skills Trainer/Facilitator.  A person of many skills, Peter claims to be master of none, nor an expert on anything.


Peter is an active member of the Fundy Paddler’s Club, Tumblehome Paddlers and is a member instructor of Canoe Kayak NB and Paddle Canada.


His Paddle Canada certifications include; Tandem and Solo Lake Water Canoeing and Tandem Moving Water. He is a certified Paddle Canada instructor for Tandem Canoeing, Lake Water.

Rory Matchett

Technical Director Canoe

Moving Water Instructor Trainer, Flatwater Instructor Trainer, Canoe Tripping Instructor, Lakewater Instructor Trainer, Intermediate Instructor Trainer Style Canoeing, Canoe Poling Instructor Trainer

Matthew Hall

Technical Director Kayak

Matthew is a Charlotte County N.B. native. Growing up canoeing he didn't know the endless possibilities New Brunswick had to offer. But after watching some epic New Brunswick whitewater kayaking videos on YouTube he went all in and bought his first ever kayak... and has never looked back.

When he isn't working you can most likely find him in a boat, near a river/lake/ocean or at least talking or dreaming of boats. His life is built around paddling. When the rivers are too low or completely frozen you can find him hiking, rock climbing, or skiing.

Paddling has taken him to some amazing places across Canada and in the States. His best friendships and greatest memories are also associated with..... you guessed it, PADDLING!

Since he started kayaking 9 years ago he has always looked for ways to give back to the paddling community. This mostly meant picking up trash and clearing out strainers and other hazards on local rivers. But he wanted a way to help make a larger impact. He hopes to make his time on the Board of Directors a productive one and help introduce people to the endless possibilities of paddling in N.B. to help this community grow.


Communications Director

Paul Nickerson

Strategic Planner

I have been a voluntary instructor in outdoor skills for youth and adults for over 25 years. The goal in offering lake water canoe courses is to build confidence in participants. Nothing is more gratifying than to see people discover this new skill and incorporate it into their outdoor life style.


Member At Large