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History of the CKNB Logo

Getting on the water early on a day in New Brunswick is one of the most enjoyable aspects of canoeing and kayaking.  The flat calm reflects the blue sky and the morning mists blur the line between the water and the rising sun that we see in the east before anyone else in the country.


The First Nations people are responsible for giving us the canoe and kayak, both perfect small boat designs that have evolved over thousands of years.  Their easily driven shapes cut a clean bow wave and leave only a whisper of a wake.  The logo is a circle, a shape that figures prominently in the First Nations’ belief structure and red is the colour that is used to represent the First Nations people on the Medicine Wheel.


The logo uses simplified contrasting shapes to create a visual character that is recognizable from a distance or on a tiny lapel pin.  To keep the shapes simple and bold the details have been left out requiring closure from the viewer.  The viewer decides the details based on the shape.  Looking at the basic triangular shape slicing through the water the viewer can complete the shape as either a canoe bow or a kayak bow depending on their own experience.  It is generally felt that this process will help personalize the logo for the viewer allowing them to feel more connected to the design.  This helps make the logo more memorable.

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