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Lakewater Tripping

Lakewater (Gibson Creek Canoeing)

Lakewater (Gibson Creek Canoeing)

Lakewater (Gibson Creek Canoeing)

Lakewater (Gibson Creek Canoeing)

Lakewater Tripping (Nancy Clifford)

Lakewater Tripping (Nancy Clifford)

Lakewater Tripping (Tim Humes)

Lakewater Tripping (Tim Humes)

Course Description:

The Lakewater Tripping Course is the successor to Basic Canoeing. This course expands on the topics taught in Basic Canoeing. The course gives paddlers the confidence to embark on short, overnight adventures on Lakes!

Course Requirements:

Prerequisites: Basic Canoeing

Course Length: 1 day (6-8 hours)

Location: Lake

Conditions: Wind < 15 kph

Course Elements:


     1. Theory

Canoe Designs

Environmental Hazards

Canoe History in N.B. and Canada

Environmental Ethics

Packing Equipment

Planning a Trip & Completing a Trip Plan

First Aid Equipment


     2. Safety

Jump out/ climb in

Paddle Swamped Canoe

Timed Canoe over Canoe Rescue

Use of Throw Bag

Parallel Rescue

Risk Management


      3. Skills

Packing a Canoe

Strokes – power, J, sweep, draw, push-away, pry, reverse J & sweep, bow draw, crossbow draw

Maneuvers (on both sides) – Side slipping 5m.

Circles (Inside & Outside 10 m.)

Straight line 100 m.



           Lifts & Carries

           Tying a Canoe on a Vehicle

           Campcraft - Fire building, tent pitching, cooking, stove use, water purification

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