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Join Canoe Kayak New Brunswick for the 2021 Paddling Film Festival World Tour! Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's event is going virtual. Screenings are held in the comfort of your own home any time you want, how convenient!! 

These films will inspire you to explore rivers, lakes and oceans, embrace the paddling lifestyle and appreciate the wild places. Since Rapid Media launched the festival back in 2006, the World Tour has screened over 1000 times to more than 300,000 audience members.

How does it work?

Canoe Kayak New Brunswick is an affiliate partner for this year's event. By purchasing a ticket from any of the links below you're ensuring that your support is directed to paddling in the province of New Brunswick! 

Households are only required to buy one ticket to this year's event -- one ticket per package (see below) -- so make sure you click and share the links below to ensure your support is directed to Canoe Kayak NB!

Why are there three links?

There are three different screening options for this year's festival, Adrenaline, Culture, and Adventure. Each option contains a different set of films -- three festivals! See the descriptions below to get a sense of the films contained in each package! 

So you bought a ticket, now what?!

You'll be given access to the films for the screening option of your choosing for three days. After three days, you'll need to purchase another ticket to re-watch the films.  

Wait there's more!!!


If you purchase a ticket from any of the links below, use the coupon code CANOEKAYAKNB10 and you'll save 10%!!


Culture — it is what brings us together. We are rafters, creekers, kayak fishermen and big-wave surfers. We are paddleboarders, whitewater canoeists, and canoe trippers. From all around the world and all walks of life, we share our special love for moving across lakes, rivers, and oceans under our own power. These nine films tell the stories of paddlers and all that paddling can mean to us.


Adventure — is it calling? Do you want to escape into the world and explore its still secluded rivers or unpaddled seas? To be alone with the water and, perhaps, some close friends or family? These four films will take you to some of the most beautiful places on earth and provide you with all of the inspiration you need for your next paddling trip.


Adrenaline — is that what gets you out on the water? The stomach-churning thrill of dropping onto a big wave or committing to a big line, of paddling into the unknown in the remote wilderness? These five films celebrate great rivers and oceans, life-defining moments, people who know what it really means to be alive, because they are not held back by fear.

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