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WISKS 2018 Campobello



Campobello is located in New Brunswick Canada on the shores of the Bay of Fundy, right nest to Eastport Maine.

Lat:  44°53'10.91"N Long:  66°56'6.54"W.


From Saint John NB: Campobello Island is  2 hours 10 minutes Southwest of Saint John by Car through Maine and roughly 2 hours 30 minutes (depending on ferries status) from Saint John through Deer Island.

From Fredericton NB: Campobello Island is 2 Hours 38 minutes South of Fredericton NB through Maine.

From Bangor ME: Campbello Island is 2 hour 22 Minutes East from Bangor Maine.


The 2018 WISKS Campobello showcased the best that the Western Bay of Fundy has to offer. Local rock hopping, surfing, tidal current and tidal race play areas.  



-Around the US/Canada Jointly operated Roosevelt International Park 

-Around East Quoddy/Head Harbour Light, (one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world)

-Along Herring Cove beach at the boundary of the international park.

- With whales on the Floodtide at what Jeremy's Father dubbed the "Happy Hunting Ground" for whale watching.


Saturday On Water Sessions

Coastal Play with Nate Hanson

Tidal Play with Chris Audet

Lumpy Water Play with Chris Lockyer

Ladies Only Paddling Skills with Trudy Killam

Intro to Surfing with Luke Rovner (Kayak Hipster) and Andrew Cuthbertson

Rolling 101 with Lee Richardson

Journey to the West Isles with Bruce Smith and NB Nature Trust


Saturday Evening Breakout Group Presentations

How to tell a kayaking Story with Luke Rovner A.K.A. "The Kayak Hipster"

(As featured in January's Adventure Kayak Magazine)


Building a tribe (Paddling and Conversation) with Bruce Smith

(Owner of Seascape Kayak Tours)


 Sunday On Water Sessions

Coastal Play with Chris Lockyer

Intro to Surfing with Chris Audet

Lumpy Water Play with Nate Hanson

Tidal Play with Trevor Killam

Ladies Only Paddling Skills with Trudy Killam

Intro Paddling Skills with Andrew Cuthbertson

Rolling 101 with Lee Richardson

Journey to the West Isles With Bruce Smith and NB Nature Trust



Jeremy Cline and the Executive of CKNB started the West Isles Sea Kayak Symposium with a two-fold goal in mind:


  1. To boost the once vibrant tourism industry on Deer, Campobello, and Grand Manan Islands 

  2. To grow New Brunswick's paddling community with strong skills and  even stronger safety culture at its base.  

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