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Kevin Silliker

Sunny Corner, New Brunswick

Kevin is a retired teacher who has been "messing around in boats" since he was a teen. Kevin taught canoe and outdoor skills for 20 years in the N. B. school system as well as for N. B. Ground Search and Rescue. He has paddled extensively in northern Quebec and Labrador and also teaches at the Maine Canoe Symposium each June. Kevin's current Paddle Canada and CKNB certifications include Big Canoe Instructor, Moving Water Instructor as well as Instructor Trainer status for Flat Water, Lake Water and Canoe Poling. "Keep the open side up!" -Kevin SIlliker


Big Canoe Instructor Intermediate,
Canoe Poling Instructor Trainer Advanced Solo,
Canoe Tripping Instructor Tandem and Solo,
Lake Canoe Instructor Trainer Advanced Tandem and Solo,
Moving Water Canoe Instructor Advanced Tandem and Solo,
Waterfront Canoeing Instructor


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